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Contributing to my campaign

All contributions will only be used to enhance awareness about my campaing. Virginia allows a tax deduction of 50% for contributions up to $50 for individual tax returns and $100 for joint returns. Thus your contribution of $50 will only cost you $25.

So please contribute generously, and help me win so that I can represent your interests.

I will support your campaign

I will put your bumper sticker on my car
I will put your Yard sign on my Property
I will post your posters in public places
I will distribute your flyers
I will help publicize your campaign
I will maintain your website and blogs
I will help collect signatures to get your name on the ballot
I will promote you at public and political events
I will contribute financially to your campaign

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Put my bumper sticker on your car

If you are interested in displaying my bumper sticker, please contact me and I will make sure that you get one. Feel free to drop by my home any time you are in the area, and I will give you one. A sample can be viewed here.

Volunteers needed

I am looking for volunteers for my Campaign in every precinct in the 10th Congressional district. The volunteers would be people whom I will contact by phone/email and who will contact me to keep me updated on local events and the views of the community. The volunteer will also help co-ordinate precinct visits by advising on locations, and news media for promotion of visit.

I am looking for volunteers for my campaign. The services I need include.

  • Volunteers to Spread my Message
  • Volunteers to make sure all FEC Regulations are being followed
  • Volunteers to make sure all IRS Regulations are being followed
  • Volunteers to help maintain my Web Site
Location Doc Link
Polling place mashup for Google Earth Google Earth KML Document
My Information Hand out. Please Distribute freely PDF Document
Press Release of my Candidacy PDF Document
My Publicity Photo JPEG Photo Link
My Certificate of Candidate Qualifications filed with SBE PDF Document

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